Dealerbaby Announces Newest Customer – Blevins Brothers

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Dealerbaby Announces Newest Customer – Blevins Brothers

Blevins Brothers Launch Their First Native Mobile App

Saratoga Springs, NY – October 20, 2014: Dealerbaby (, a custom mobile app platform for auto dealerships, is proud to announce that Blevins Brothers, an auto group in Ogdensburg, NY has launched their first native mobile app via the Dealerbaby mobile platform.

“Dealerbaby allows us to connect with our customers like never before.  It puts our store literally in the palm of their hands, anywhere, anytime,” said Marc Blevins, Sales Manager at Blevins Bros.

Blevins Brothers, a Chrysler, Dodge, Jeep and Ram dealership, serving Gouverneur, Canton, Watertown, Potsdam and Fort Drum, NY, has been a family run business since 1983. Last year, Blevins Brothers, began looking for a new way to reach current and potential customers. After a thorough review of options, Blevins Brothers, choose to invest in mobile for the following reasons: reach, loyalty, and the future of car buying.

Witnessing first hand the surge of customers using mobile devices made the investment in mobile and Dealerbaby a logical business decision. Prior to Dealerbaby, sales representatives found it difficult to connect with previous customers – whether it be through email or phone – customers simply did not respond. They noticed however all customers had mobile devices and knew the obvious answer was starring them in the face – reach them where they always are – on their mobile devices.  “Customers are using their smartphones all the time to stay connected to friends and family.  It was only natural to help them connect with our dealership on their devices,” said Blevins.

With Dealerbaby, if a sales representative wants to let leads or customers know about a trade-in or vehicle special, all they have to do is pull up Dealerbaby and send a tailored push notification to those who have the app downloaded. If they want to drill down and send specialized messages based on make or model, they simply select the the items predetermined in Dealerbaby and hit schedule or send. Blevins said, “The ability to update specials and deals in real-time allows our sales consultants to respond to market changes and customer demands on-the-fly.  They’re able to use the app as a sales and demonstration tool for their customers which helps them sell cars.  This is one of the main reasons why we’ve seen such a high level of buy-in from them.” 

Another feature Blevins Brothers has quickly learned to appreciate is Dealerbaby’s service appointment component. Mobile app users can quickly and easily schedule service appointments, be sent special offers, and see their full vehicle history all within the Blevins Brothers mobile app. “The service appointment scheduling feature is a win-win for the dealership and our customers.  Customers can schedule service appointments quickly from their phone, and inbound phone calls are reduced, which frees up dealership personnel to help customers in the store,”said Marc Blevins.

Knowing which models are selling, how many views a particular piece of inventory has received, how well special offers are performing, how many customers view each message, and the overall performance of marketing and sales efforts, are invaluable statistics that Dealerbaby can provide. This level of knowledge enables managers to identify and address problem areas immediately, and ultimately leads to better decision-making and higher profitability. “Ultimately, customers want a simple, efficient shopping process.  The Dealerbaby mobile app is a paradigm shift—no longer are customers tethered to their home computer to shop our store.  Now they can shop anywhere, at any time.  The features of the app follow the customer through the sales and ownership process.  Prospects can browse inventory, get special deals, and send questions directly to the store.  When that prospect becomes an owner, they can schedule service and stay updated on their vehicle history with our mobile app.  I’m convinced this is the direction technology is taking, and I’m excited we have this tool at our disposal to stay ahead of the competition,”said Blevins.

About Dealerbaby

Dealerbaby, produced by My Thank You Notes LLC, is a custom mobile app platform for auto dealerships based in Saratoga Springs, NY. Founded in 2014, Dealerbaby is dedicated to helping auto dealerships leverage their inventory and service offerings through mobile technology. To learn more, visit, follow them on Twitter @Dealerbaby, or email

Dealerbaby Integration with Auto/Mate DMS

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Dealerbaby Announces Integration of Mobile App Platform with Auto/Mate Dealership Management System (DMS)

Integration Improves Shopping & Service Experience for Auto Dealer Customers


Saratoga Springs, NY – September 9, 2014 : Dealerbaby (, a custom mobile app platform for auto dealerships, is proud to announce its integration with Auto/Mate’s Open/Mate third-party integration system. Users of Auto/Mate can now experience the benefits of a native mobile app without the high costs associated with custom mobile app development. With Dealerbaby, auto dealerships can increase customer retention, profits and leads, and become a leader of the mobile dealership community.

“Our partnership with Auto/Mate gives us the ability to create a powerful user experience by letting the customer interact with the dealership on the device they use the most—their smartphone,” said Padraic Doyle, Co-Founder of Dealerbaby. “The key is the two-way communication with the DMS, which is made possible with Open/Mate.”

“More car shoppers are using smartphones and tablets to shop for cars, and mobile apps are easier to use than browsing a mobile website,” said Mike Esposito, President and CEO of Auto/Mate. “DMS integration ensures that all inventory and service data is displayed to customers in real time, reflecting all updates in your dealer’s DMS.”

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