Don’t Be Left Behind. Go Native Or Go Home.

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You’ve got mobile on the brain. That’s a good thing – trust us. While the topic of mobile websites vs native mobile apps, and the various pros and cons of both can seem overwhelming, it’s important to remember it doesn’t have to be. Let’s take a look at some of the highlights you’ve already learned from just one short blog/email:

  • Smartphone users represent over 65% of the mobile phone market.
  • An incredible 63% of auto shoppers researched & shopped online at a dealership.
  • Increasingly, customers ignore email, phone calls, and texts if they are not from trusted sources.
  • Your mobile strategy should be customized. Users should want to “invite you in” to their lives.

It’s Time to Go Native With Your Mobile Strategy

Smartphone users prefer using apps over surfing the mobile web. In fact, users spend nearly 90% of their time using Apps on their smartphones – not surfing the web, not texting, and certainly not talking.  In fact, for every hour a user spends on their smartphone, only 9.76 minutes is spend on the mobile web. That means your mobile website may only be seen for 9.76 minutes or less! And while we would all like to see the glass as half-full, the truth is that number is less – not because people don’t like what you have to offer, but because getting to any mobile website requires more steps then desired.

So, why spend time and money vying for 10% of your users’ attention with your mobile app?  Shouldn’t you be focusing your attention on the other 50.24 minutes of every hour?  

Get The Attention of Your Customers – The Right Way

While emails, cold calls and even text messages have been great forms of communication in the past, let’s face it, how many people do you reach with your phone calls and how many responses do you receive to your emails? Gone are the days of answering the phone simply because it’s ringing. People are instead deciding when and how they communicate by selecting who they invite into their lives.

Want to make sure you’re on that list? Native mobile apps give you the power to be invited into your customers’ lives – ensuring you make the list. Users who download your app are not only validating your business, but letting you know they are interested in hearing from you. Push notification reminders, deals or special offers are given the green flag and will more likely been seen and acted upon. In addition, customer communication via native mobile apps can lead to new business and communication channels. 

Showing your customers, and potential customers, you understand how they like to communicate and spend their time, says a lot about your business.