Need Help With Your Mobile Strategy? It’s Dealerbaby To The Rescue!

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DealerbabyRescue (1)It’s Time To Say ‘Goodbye’

Mobile websites are a thing of the past – at least they should be. Far too many dealerships are claiming their stake in mobile with an outdated and clunky mobile version of their website.

Over the course of our Smartphone Revolution series, we learned just how bad mobile websites are in today’s mobile world. In fact, mobile websites could actually be hurting your business, instead of helping. We also learned that:

  • Native mobile apps are made to leverage the iOS and Android platforms.
  • Native apps allow for customized communication from you to your customers and leads.
  • Ignoring these facts could possibly lead your dealership down a path of lost profits and customers.

Dealerbaby Can Help

Get out of the mobile website game and join the native app wave of today. At Dealerbaby, we offer an innovative solution tailored to capture the interest of your current client base, while simultaneously gaining the consideration of shoppers who’ve never purchased with you before.

We accomplish this with a clean, elegant native mobile app that uses a multi-layered approach to meet the needs of various types of users.

Dealerbaby Process

iOS Simulator Screen shot Jun 19, 2014, 3.21.41 PMLevel 1:

Users download your app and are able to immediately begin browsing your inventory and view special deals.

What does this achieve?

Users are instantly invited to begin shopping your store upon downloading the app.  In less than 2 minutes, users find your app, download it, and begin viewing inventory.  This gives you  a powerful sales tool to win over new business and get ahead of the competition.

Level 2:

Users create an account by entering login and password information. This allows users to store information regarding preferences and current vehicles inside the app for future reference. 

What does this achieve?

Both users and the dealership can feel happy about this level. Not only are users given the ability to save information, preferences, and vehicles for future viewing, but this information can also easily be shared with sales and service.

iOS Simulator Screen shot Jun 19, 2014, 1.30.59 PMLevel 3:

Users have the ability to add specific VIN information for each vehicle they own to the app. This allows the users to schedule service appointments and view any recalls or vehicle updates directly through the app.

What does this achieve?

Users are given a powerful tool to manage their current vehicle(s) and take control of their ownership experience.  In addition, this feature provides the dealership with appointment and vehicle information that is pushed directly into your DMS whenever a customer makes an appointment. This means every appointment created within Dealerbaby is one less phone call for your service team. 

Why Dealerbaby

Dealerbaby’s multi-layered approach not only provides new prospects with a powerful shopping tool, but gives your current dealership customers a way to manage their vehicle, service and ownership experience.

The heart of the Dealerbaby mobile platform is a powerful engine that integrates directly with the Auto/Mate DMS.  Using proprietary code, we are able to achieve a two-way communication between the app and your DMS.  The result is seamless, real-time data integration. 

With the Dealerbaby mobile platform in your arsenal, you are equipped to not only survive the Smartphone Revolution, but to THRIVE!

Want to learn more? Contact us for a live and personalized demo today! We’d love to chat and learn more about your dealership.