The Benefits of Native Mobile Apps

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Gone are the days of using your mobile phone simply for phone calls. Today everything is mobile . You can deposit checks with your camera, video message with family from across the world, and challenge perfect strangers to a game of “Words With Friends”. A majority of our time is spent using our mobile devices, which is a major reason why so many companies are making the move to mobile.

Companies who initially went the web-based mobile app route have found the inability to customize, brand and contact users with push notifications troublesome, resulting in a majority of those companies switching to native mobile mobile apps.Whether it’s discovery in the app store or overall trust, users tend to prefer downloading a well constructed and easy-to-use native app over a web-based mobile app.

In addition to users overall trust level and preference, lets take a look at several benefits of investing in a native mobile app over a web-based mobile app in terms of business objectives and ROI:

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