Dealerbaby Operating Systems: An Overview

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There are several options on the market that you and your customers have when it comes to mobile operating systems. While a large majority of mobile phone users do not refer to their devices by their operating system, it is important you understand the difference in terms of user needs and views. Here’s an overview of the two main operating systems your customers could be using.

Apple – iOS Operating System

A Brief History:

Apple created their first iPhone in 2007 and transformed the post-PC era into the mobile world we know today. They were the first to create downloadable applications (apps) available in an App Store and are continually developing new features to maintain their edge in the ever-changing mobile world.

What Does This Mean For You?

Apple users are loyal and have become accustomed to easy navigation and simple features. Your iOS version of the app has been created with just features in mind. Let’s take a look at the iOS version of your dealership’s app to get a visual idea of what you and your customers can expect to see:
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Targeting Push Notifications

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The following an excerpt from a blog post authored by our push notification provider Zenpush.

Reaching the right person, at the right time, with the right message does not only apply to email marketing. Thinking of push notifications as an extension of your marketing team will help you better understand how to target your mobile users with information that will keep them opted-in to your messages (and keeping users opted-in is key!).

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The Benefits of Native Mobile Apps

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Gone are the days of using your mobile phone simply for phone calls. Today everything is mobile . You can deposit checks with your camera, video message with family from across the world, and challenge perfect strangers to a game of “Words With Friends”. A majority of our time is spent using our mobile devices, which is a major reason why so many companies are making the move to mobile.

Companies who initially went the web-based mobile app route have found the inability to customize, brand and contact users with push notifications troublesome, resulting in a majority of those companies switching to native mobile mobile apps.Whether it’s discovery in the app store or overall trust, users tend to prefer downloading a well constructed and easy-to-use native app over a web-based mobile app.

In addition to users overall trust level and preference, lets take a look at several benefits of investing in a native mobile app over a web-based mobile app in terms of business objectives and ROI:

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