Targeting Push Notifications

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The following an excerpt from a blog post authored by our push notification provider Zenpush.

Reaching the right person, at the right time, with the right message does not only apply to email marketing. Thinking of push notifications as an extension of your marketing team will help you better understand how to target your mobile users with information that will keep them opted-in to your messages (and keeping users opted-in is key!).

Can You Hear Me Now?
The Verizon Wireless commercials are not only catchy, but play on being able to connect no matter where you are in the world. You are in the middle of a field? That’s cool. We can reach you there. As long as your mobile users have opted-in to receive them, the platform will deliver the notifications to those reach users. However, do you want to reach everyone with the same message all the time, or would you rather utilize intelligence gathered by your app? Utilizing vital intelligence will help with user engagement and sales. Lets say for example that you have multiple languages for your ski and snowboard app, but have only recently updated the French version. Would you want to let every user know? Would you want to let your French users know of this update in English or German or Italian? The answer to each of those questions is no! You have the intelligence, so use it. Sending a push notification in French to only French speaking users will help keep users engaged and keep them opted-in to what you have to say.

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